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5 Ways to Make a Temporary Hire Feel at Home in Your Workplace

It’s a new millennium, a time for changes and innovation. The way we work is changing and when it comes to recruiting and connecting with prospective employees, forward-thinking firms are always seeking out new methods to adapt to the newest trends. One such trend that has become increasingly popular over the past decade is the use of freelance and contract talent.

No matter the length of their stay, temporary employees allow companies to hire talent when needed, ease the burden on full-time staff, and evaluate fit before committing resources to a full-time hire.

While it is true that most temporary hires are only with your company for a short period of time, it is imperative that their experience be a positive one. Like your full-time staff, they should be welcomed as valued employees. Here are just some of the ways you can craft a welcoming environment for your temporary staff.

Be Proactive and Join in the Onboarding Process

First impressions play a large role in how an employee feels about the organization they have joined and will inform the rest of their work experience. One way to ensure a good experience when a temporary hire joins your team is to play an active role in the onboarding process. Remember that joining an already established team can be an intimidating endeavor. As a manager, it is your responsibility to make the new hire feel at ease and comfortable in their new position. They should feel confident to work on day one of the job. Before they even begin, make sure your new temporary hire understands the expectations you will have for them and has been given a good introduction to your company’s culture.

Get a Jump Start on Tech

Few things are more embarrassing than having a new hire come into work only to find that the tools they need are not at their disposal. It wastes their time and your money. Before the temporary hire even walks through your door, make sure they have an email set up and ready to go. Be sure to add them to the messaging platform your team uses and make sure they are able to log into the VPN.

Help Them Get to Know the Team

Being the new employee on staff can be a lot like being the new kid in school. The environment is unfamiliar and meeting your new cohorts can be intimidating. For a temporary hire, the nerve factor can be even greater. As a manager, it is your job to make this transition as easy as possible. Take some time to walk the new employee through the building and introduce them to their colleges. If your team is remote, introduce the new hire in a group chat and allow everyone to say hello. A little time spent introducing your new team member, no matter how short their tenure may be, goes a long way in building a positive work environment.

Pop in and Say Hi

Remember that today’s temporary hire may be tomorrow’s fully-fledged employee. Even if this is not the case, you want them to speak well of your company in the future. You want them to feel as though you are invested in them as a valuable member of the team. One way to do this is by regularly checking in on them. Don’t be afraid to ask about obstacles they may be facing. Talk to them about how the work is going and offer any assistance you can to help them accomplish their work. Knowing that you care about what they have to say will make your temporary hire feel as if they are a valued member of the team. It will also see how well they are settling in. Who knows, maybe by utilizing these conversations you will find that the temporary hire is a perfect fit to become a permanent employee.

Don’t Exclude Them from Team Events

More than ever, employees are looking for a work environment that engages with them. They want to feel part of a close-knit team. Thanks to Covid, managers have had to think outside the box when group outings and lunches have no longer been feasible. No matter what activity you choose for your team to take in, be sure your temporary employee is a part of it. For the long haul or the short, they are as just as much a part of your workforce as Susie from Accounting. Having a temporary employee take part in team-building activities allows them to get to know their new peers in a less stressful environment. It also helps build a cohesive bond between permanent and temporary staff and allows you to see how well your upgraded team works together.

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