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Benefits of Finding Employment with a Staffing Agency

Currently, the job market is wide open! Almost 80% of businesses showed a high turnover rate in the past year and about 58% of employees say they are more likely to look for a new job than they were two years ago, and many others lost their job due to the pandemic. Whether it is because of the pandemic, or of your own volition, you may now be one of the millions of Americans looking for work. It can be difficult to know where to start. One of the best places is with a staffing agency.

Earn Money While Looking for Your Dream Job

Maybe you’ve decided to go back to school to pursue a new career or are looking for the company that best fits the lifestyle you desire. Either way, there are bills to pay and they won’t wait. If you only need a job temporarily then a staffing agency is the best place to look. They can help match your skills with companies in need and get you hired more quickly. This means less time spent searching and more time earning money. So, while you work towards finding the job you always wanted, your bills will be paid.

They Do the Job Hunt for You

Taking a position takes time and effort; a luxury you may not have. Hours spent on job boards can lead to fruitless searches. It also means that you may have to follow up on multiple applications and interviews before landing a position. The more time you have to spend searching, the longer you spend without income. The good news about a staffing agency is that they do all the hard work for you!

When you work with a staffing agency, you only have to fill out one application, have one interview with a recruiter, and you'll be considered for a variety of jobs. Instead of having to look for jobs, apply for each, follow up on each application, and then complete interviews with hiring companies, you have someone else do the research for you.

Staffing agencies often have a database of employers they work with directly. Once you are working directly with the staffing agency, they will use their connections to match you with a company that needs someone with your skills and experience. If that contract ends, they can quickly match you with another company. This leaves no gaps in your resume.

You can trust that a staffing agency will devote excellent attention to finding you a placement, more attention perhaps than you could pay yourself. Staffing agencies do not get paid for unfilled positions. They want you to get to work so they can get paid and they want you to feel comfortable working as long as the contract between you and the company you work for lasts.

Good agencies will only work with companies that they have verified to be good employers. They've scrutinized their clients' businesses in the same way they've scrutinized their candidates. They only work with companies who are serious about hiring and who do not have a reputation for quickly losing employees. So, you can trust they have your best interests at heart.

Test the Waters

That being said, they know how important it can be to play the field. After a challenging couple of years, most professionals are looking for companies that are as committed to their workforce as their workforce is to them. Life has become the center of the workplace, rather than the workplace becoming the center of life. Prospective employees want a job that fits their needs rather than the other way around. Nothing is worse than taking on a job only to find the company does not fit your lifestyle or that you do not fit in with its culture.

That is the beauty of working with a staffing agency. Most of the jobs are temporary. If one job is not a great fit, then another will be there to take its place. You don’t have to stay with a job you hate for years just because you are worried about paying bills or gaps in your resume.

That being said, the opposite is true too! Many staffing agencies offer contract-to-hire positions. This means that while the position starts off as temporary, it could lead to more permanent employment. If the company does seem a good fit, however, and they feel the same about you, then you may be able to be hired on full time.

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