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Getting Hired With a Staffing Agency

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

George Elliot, a famed 19th-century novelist, once wrote that, “it is never too late to be what you might have been.” In the upheaval of the last few years, people have been looking for a change. 58% more professionals are ready to leave their jobs than there were just two years ago. People are leaving their current positions to pursue careers that offer more flexibility or to pursue careers that follow their passions. They understand more than ever, that now is the time to see the person they always wanted to be.

Maybe you are one of these people, ready to transition to something new or maybe you are a young college graduate just getting ready to start. With the world so irrevocably changed by the past few years’ events, you may be wondering where to start. It may surprise you to learn that the best place to begin the journey to your future career is not in the classified ads but with a staffing agency.

Why Use a Staffing Agency to Find Work?

You’ll be Working with the Experts

Staffing agencies have been a large part of the American economy since 1906! The recruiters at these agencies are the best at what they do. They know the right questions to ask to find the perfect job for you. They know the industries they work with inside and out and devote a great deal of time to understanding the culture of each company they work for. They’ll never put a position your way that is not a good fit. All a staffing agency does is recruitment.

Staffing agencies are also in the know. They often know about positions before they are ever posted to your favorite job board, even those that will never be posted at all. This means that the opportunities when working with a staffing agency are actually much greater than those you would find striking out on your own.

Remember also that staffing agencies are only working with companies serious about hiring. A good staffing agency will never let you know about a position that is fraudulent or already filled. You can bet that when a job is placed in front of you by your staffing agency, that the company is eager for fresh talent.

Test Drive a New Career

Are you thinking about that new career but are not sure if it is 100% right for you? So long as you have the skills and experience needed, many staffing agencies can help you find temporary work in the field you want to take for a test drive. You can spend some time testing the waters to see if the daily grind is for you. What’s better is that you get to take the company for a test drive too!

A temporary job also means that while you are in transition, you are still earning that much-needed cash. So, if you need to go back to school to get that dream job or you truly just want to test the waters, you can rest easy knowing your bills are being paid and that there will be food on the table.

Landing a Job with a Staffing Agency

Find the Right Fit

Some staffing agencies, like Frontline Staffing Group, staff multiple fields of work at multiple locations and skill levels across the country. Other staffing agencies are more specialized and may work within one field only. For example, they may work with only hospitals to staff doctors. Or they may only staff one state or region. Be sure the staffing agency you choose to work with can place you where you would most like to be.

Documentation is Key

Staffing agencies are the experts when it comes to recruiting, this means they know exactly what companies are looking for. Your resume will be gone over with a fine-toothed comb and supporting documentation will be checked over for any inconsistencies. Make sure you have copies of any diplomas or certifications. Letters of recommendation, a social security card, and a driver's license are often asked for as well. So be sure to have those ready.

No candidate gets added to a staffing agency database without being fully vetted, so be sure your resume can stand up to their high standards. Here are some tips to help your resume shine.

1. Keep It Professional: Be sure to check your resume for proper grammar and formatting. Keep the font clean and orderly. Something like Arial or Calibri would work great but stray away from more “fun” fonts like Comic Sans or Courier New. Also, be sure that any emails that are included are professional as well. Do not add an email like but instead create something like Remember that an unprofessional email will get a resume thrown out about 75% of the time.

2. Make it Easy to Read: A clear font like Arial or Calibri is not only meant to make your resume look more professional but also makes the resume easier to read. Remember also to keep your font size to 10 or 12 points. It makes it easier to read without the need to squint but it also ensures that your resume does not take up too many pages.

Remember that recruiters, be they at staffing agencies or other companies, will look at multiple resumes every day. You should keep everything you have to say short and sweet. Style your resume in reverse chronological order. This means your most recent experience and education come first, as this will be the most important to your recruiter. They will want to know the highest level of experience you have obtained.

Keep your content aligned to the left side of the page. Recruiters will often skim resumes for keywords. Be careful with this! Optimizing these keywords for recruiters isn't as straightforward as loading your resume with industry-specific abilities and lingo. It's all about changing the keywords in your resume to match the job description that was posted. If you are applying to a staffing agency for multiple open positions, take some time to research keywords looked for in the field. See how you adapt them to your resume because these are the words recruiters will be zeroing in on. They should not have to spend a lot of time to find them.

3. Get Modern: With the advent of modern technology, creating a professional resume is easier than ever. There are a ton of options when it comes to creating a resume, such as software and templates. Companies are more concerned with how your resume looks, its readability, and its relevance than how you created it. Instead of devoting hours to fiddling with formatting in Word or Google Docs, you can instead focus on what skills and experience to highlight.

Don’t be afraid to add certain aspects to social media. Do you run a relevant blog or Instagram account? Do you have an online portfolio that showcases your skills? Most templates now include a URL section. Add relevant links there, and don’t forget to add your LinkedIn account. More than ever, Linkedin plays a huge role in hiring!

Just Keep Swimming

Just as with any job search, when working with a staffing agency persistence and communication are key. It is important to follow up on the job you've applied for. If it has been more than a week, contact the agency. Maybe you are not the best fit for the position you applied for before but there may be other openings for which you are well suited. Checking in with an agency periodically lets them know you are eager and interested.

Be Respectful

Keep in mind that when you are working with a staffing agency, they are both your recruiter and advocate, as well as your prospective employer. Before your resume ever sees another company’s desk, it has to go through your recruiter at the agency. They will be paying close attention to your communication during the hiring process. If you come across as rude, do not communicate effectively, or bombard them too frequently, the recruiter may not consider you for open positions. You should treat the recruiter at the staffing agency just as you would any prospective employer. Your interview begins the moment you send that first initial application!

Ultimately, a staffing agency can be a useful ally when it comes to finding work. Just as with any company or recruitment process, however, there are standard procedures and decorum to be followed.

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