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Staffing Agencies Can Help You Avoid Recruitment Mistakes

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Kevin J Donaldson, the author of 10 Secrets of The New Rich, once said that “Hiring the wrong people is the fastest way to undermine a sustainable business” and he could not be more correct. After all, a chain is only as strong as the weakest link. With so many employees jumping ship, one thing no business can afford is a bad fit for their company. Sometimes even a perfect fit on paper turns out to be the wrong fit in practice.

What does a bad fit mean for your company? It could be more work for your existing staff to pick up the slack for the new hire unable to do the job. If the new hire is not a fit with your company’s culture it could mean tension between teammates which can have a negative effect on both morale and productivity.

The best way to avoid hiring mistakes is to turn to the experts. There are no better experts to turn to than a staffing agency. This is why you should turn to them in order to avoid making a hiring mistake.

Staffing Agencies Are the Experts

Staffing agencies have been working as recruiters in America for over a century. They represent every industry and field of work. Nobody knows more about recruitment than they do. To assist you in preventing disastrous hiring, the proper staffing professional will link you with the necessary talents, resources, and experience. It's all about the people. They also take great effort in determining whether or not the company's culture is a good fit for prospective hires.

They are skilled at seeing red flags and, if required, going above and beyond your needs to locate someone who may not have the years of experience you asked for but who shows the ability to learn quickly. An employee who can learn and adapt quickly, after all, is always a great asset.

Stringent Vetting Processes

Staffing agencies know a red flag when they see one and they will be looking for the red flags in every application that comes their way. Nobody makes it into a staffing agency’s database without a thorough review of their applications and all of their required documents. This includes diplomas, resumes, and transcripts but can also include vaccine records if the job requires them. Most staffing agencies also require a full background check. Only once all of this has occurred will an applicant ever be considered for any position. Not even an interview takes place before this occurs.

A Clear Understanding of Client Needs and the Tools to Meet Them

Every company has different needs and desires when it comes to a position they are hiring for. This can be vastly different from company to company, even when hiring for the same position. Staffing agencies are well prepared for this. Before even sending out the job listings, they speak with company representatives to get a clear understanding of what responsibilities come with the position they are hiring for.

They know what questions to ask in order to find the right fit for your company, questions you may have never thought to ask yourself. These questions address not only the needs for the role but also your company’s culture. Some of the worst hires can be great at their job but a terrible fit with a team. Staffing agencies are experts at avoiding that scenario. They have worked with companies with many diverse cultures. They know what personality traits make the best fit.

These staffing experts are also proactive outside of working directly with companies to assess their needs. Having extensive networks in the field, they build pre-vetted candidate lists. With their expertise and technology, they can find professionals from this pool who suit your company’s needs and help you avoid costly mistakes.

A Bigger Pool of Candidates

Your chances at winning a raffle with just one ticket are slim to none. Five tickets increase your chances, and twenty-five tickets increase your chances even more. The same is true for staffing. When you only have a few candidates to choose from, it is much harder to find one who ticks every box in the list of skills and attributes you are looking for in a candidate.

Staffing agencies have a lot of raffle tickets. That is to say, their pool of candidates is much larger than the one usually found in the local HR Department. As noted earlier, staffing agencies know to look for skills and experience your company may have not thought of on their own. Years of experience have taught them what makes a person most suited for a career. More importantly, they have a wider array of tools to find them.

Staffing agencies don’t get paid unless they fill the role. They know this and will be looking under every rock and stone to find you the best candidates. This means when they go fishing for talent, no river goes untouched. They will post on every job board and site. Staffing agencies, they will look in unconventional geographic locations and at unconventional candidates.

This means they have a great number of options to choose from when sending you possible candidates for an open position. They will search far and wide to find your perfect match! Even if someone was not a perfect match for this job opening, they will have the same large pool available to you for your next opening. Meaning that no matter the position, they have someone who can fit the bill.

Final Thoughts

Hiring mistakes are costly, both in time and money. Having to fire an employee and then go through the hiring process all over again means your HR department may not have time to see to other important details such as legal review of company policies and the protection of employee rights. They may not have time to keep up with issues about benefits or workforce scheduling.

Instead of wasting their time and your money, turn to the experts the first time. Staffing agencies are here to help you make the best decision with every person you hire. Trust over 100 years of experience.

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