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Why Use a Staffing Agency

The pandemic had far-reaching effects on the world’s economy and on the way businesses run at large. For a time, the world went largely remote, save for those essential workers in the medical and food industries. There was, however, one other great change that took place, largely as the pandemic began to wane in late 2021.

As it came to a close, 2021 would be known as the year of the “Great Resignation”. People began quitting their jobs in droves. As of December, there were 4.3 million more unfilled job openings than there are unemployed Americans. This has left many companies in a lurch. Tasks still need to be completed, with or without positions filled. This has meant a heavier workload for currently working employees. With a heavier workload, employees are more likely to experience burnout and companies are more likely to have to pay overtime wages.

It is clear that something must be done to get these positions filled, sooner rather than later and many companies are falling behind. Hiring is an arduous process. It is easy to overlook great candidates when you are inundated with a variety of job postings, screening resumes, and conducting multiple interviews. When multiple positions need to be filled; and many companies have a large number of openings, the HR department is often left with more work than there is time to accomplish it.

One solution many companies have not thought of yet is the use of staffing agencies. Staffing agencies have been around since the turn of the century and are the experts when it comes to hiring. Here are some benefits to using staffing agencies that can help your company recover from “The Great Resignation” and get back on track.

The Ability to Fill Any Role

Gone are the days when staffing agencies were used solely to fill unskilled labor positions. The truth is that in the 21st century, almost any position can be filled by a staffing agency. From admin clerks to computer programmers and marketing directors, if you have a need, there is an agency that can fill it. Staffing agencies also work to fill vacancies in factories and physical labor as well. There is no industry, a staffing agency cannot work with.

A Ready-Made Talent Pool

Unlike the HR department, which often has to go fishing for talent; most staffing agencies have spent years compiling a database of qualified individuals to assist in filling positions. They know the industries they work with frontwards and backward and have long identified the skills necessary to succeed within these industries. They know which candidates in their databases have the skills your company is looking for and because they are experts in the industry may find your company candidates with valuable skills you had not thought of.

The candidates a staffing agency sends your way are also usually fully vetted. In most cases, candidates are never added to the staffing agency’s database unless they have completed a thorough background check and all of their documents have been validated. With a fine-tooth comb, staffing companies go over resumes and other documentation. Many agencies conduct phone interviews as well. If there is anything on the resume that makes a prospect appear dishonest or unqualified, they will never be recommended to your organization. This means that only the most highly talented and qualified candidates are sent your way. There is no need for your HR department to spend hours sifting through the slush pile.

Fill the Need Now Rather than Later

Not only do staffing agencies have a database of skilled employees at the ready but one of the greatest benefits of using these agencies is their use of temporary hires. In a temp-to-hire scenario, you can use temporary staff until you find the right full-time candidate. This enables you to swiftly fill a position with highly qualified individuals, easing the burden of your current employees trying to fill in the gap left behind by the vacancy. It also means that if your need is only short-term, your HR department is not spending weeks looking for someone who will only be with your company for a few months.

That being said, sometimes you may find that a temporary employee is just the person you were looking for. That is one of the great things about their use. You get to try before you buy. It is rare to get such a chance when hiring straight from the HR department. After all, what looks good on paper may not work so great in practice. If you find the temporary person is the person your company was looking to hire all along, a staffing agency will work with you.

Many employment firms provide the option to "buy-out" highly talented employees. A buy-out fee is a fixed sum of money paid by a corporation to "buy-out" the contract of a temporary employee and hire them full-time. The "buy-out" charge aids employment firms in recouping their costs incurred during the hiring process.


Using a staffing agency alleviates upfront costs associated with marketing, finding, and attracting talent, as well as reducing employer overhead costs by eliminating benefits, improving cash flow, and reducing overtime costs associated with daily operations for regular employees. Many staffing agencies will not require any sort of payment until the candidate walks through your door and begins working. This means someone is working on filling your position without costing you anything upfront.

There are other ways staffing agencies can reduce costs as well. For instance, your company has a single project that needs to be finished, perhaps a software launch. Instead of hiring a programmer that will be put on salary for years to come, but may not be needed in the future, you can use a staffing agency to fill the need temporarily. When the project is finished, you no longer have to worry about paying for an unneeded employee.

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